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Analytics Consultancy

There are different types of analytical projects I offer:

GA4 and GTM Audit

You would like to review the GA4 settings and improve the data you collect.

The package includes:
— GA4 audit
— Event and conversion setting review
— GTM tags review
— Custom reports creation
— A 1-hour training call.

Based on the website requirements, we can update the package to include anything else which you need (cookies policy review, cross-domain tracking and iframe tracking).

Average project is from 1000 EUR to 3000 EUR

Data Tracking Set Up (with GTM & GA4)

You would like to know and understand better the user behaviour: from which channel users are coming from and you get the most conversions (purchases, contact form submissions or email calls).

The package includes:

— Review the business objectives & goals
— Translate them to the user actions on the website we would like to track like form submission, file downloads, scrolling and filter usage
— GTM set up and event creation
— Testing & Improving the the implementation
— Custom reports creation in GA4
— A 2-hours training call.

Based on the website requirements, we can update the package to include anything else which you need or we will find useful to add.

Average project is from 1000 EUR to 3000 EUR

GA4 & GTM Training

You have used Universal Analytics or you just starting with analytics and would like to learn the main things about the GA4 interface and how it can be used to benefit your business.

The training includes:
— GA4 overview
— How to set up and the main things to keep in mind
— How to add events and conversions + what are custom dimensions
— Overview of the metrics in GA4 vs UA
— How to transfer events and goals from UA to GA4 with GTM
— Overview of the reports and how to create custom reports

The training is 3 hours with the Q&A at the end.

Cost: from 650 EUR

*The final cost is based on how bespoke the training should be and how much customisation of the general will be needed.

Saving your UA Historical Data

You would like to collect the UA historical data before June 2024.

We will review what data you need and discuss options to save it using BigQuery or Excel or Google Sheets depending on the scope.

Average project is from 1000 EUR to 3000 EUR

Basic Analytical and Strategic projects

You have specific issue to solve like an increase in ‘Unassigned’ traffic, new report creations or other related to analytics challenges.

From 500 EUR (*minimum of the project I take)

Analytical Review and Consultation

You have analytics set up and would like to have a second eye of what can be improved on the website based on the data collected

The project includes
— review of the data and make suggestion of what additionally can be tracked to improve ROI and conversions
— recommendations of what can be improved on the website to improve User Experience
— recommendations of marketing channels investments

Cost: from 1000 EUR


Megan Meade, Head of Marketing & Service Design

“Irina worked with us on GA4 migration moving 7 websites from UA. During this process, Irina showed a lot of in-depth knowledge about the new GA4 system, as well as GTM. I am looking forward to working with Irina again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.””

Aimee Withrington, Freelance Marketing, Brand Specialist

“What set Irina apart was her meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to getting things right. She didn’t just complete the migration – she ensured that all of our tracking needs were met and even made recommendations on how we can make the most of GA4’s features.

Tenicia van Aalten, Growth hacker at AirHub

“Such a hands on and useful session! We discussed GA4 and GTM. Irina really knows what she’s talking about and gave me some great tips and insights.”