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Career Mentorship

What Is Career Mentorship

These are 1 to 1 sessions via Zoom or other tools where we discuss career changes and challenges in digital. The discussions can be around:
— how to change the current job and what are the options available in the market
— how to start working internationally or in the non-native language
— how to build a personal brand as an employee or freelancer
— how to choose your next step in your career (going freelance, launching a business, searching for a new job)
— how to start freelancing
— how to lead an international team
— individual sport and how to start running, cycling and becoming passioned about it

I have strong skills in SEO, Google Analytics, PR (traditional and digital), a bit of event management, community building and influencer marketing, so these are ‘hard’ skills a can help with too.

Why To Work with Irina

I have been working in digital for 10+ years and having the experience as a business owner of wedding magazine, team lead in international startup, working across countries and cultures in Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Munich.

Now I am an independent consultant working on analytical projects.
I know the struggles of staring a new job, being ‘first time’ team lead, working in non-native language, being one among a few women in the IT room and building personal brand globally. I am also quite ordinal — I do not have a huge success story about exiting successful startup, making 100K while sleeping or building a high value course. But I have experience on how to make your career journey exciting, interesting and more fulfilling.

I have been a mentor in ‘Women In Tech SEO’ program and on ‘Growth Mentor’.

How The Process Is Structured

There are a few steps we will be doing:

— Discuss via email what question/challenge you have and would like to ‘solve’ during these sessions. If I see that I can help with this, we agree to start with the first session.

— During 45 min to 1 hour session, we will discuss your questions and the next step to take after that.

— In each new session you will share what you have implemented after the previous session and what are other (new) topics related to the main theme of the mentorship (for example, launching freelance activities, getting your first PR publication, changing jobs, becoming more confident with leading a team)

— There are two options: 2 sessions package (during 1.5 months) + email support or 4 sessions (during 3 months) + email support.

I take only two people maximum during the same period.

Cost: 300 EUR first option; 500 EUR second option.

Now open for ‘bookings’ from December 2023.

*I am not a coach! 🙂

My 1:1s with Irina played a pivotal part in getting myself to a place in my career where I felt happy. She helped me uncover that the role I was in was not well suited for me and pointed me in the in-house SEO specialist direction. I now work in an incredible position that fits me much better. She is an attentive listener and brings so much invaluable experience that she applies to the conversation and guides you in the right direction. I have felt so fortunate to work with her and would absolutely recommend requesting career mentorship from Irina!

Gaby Gebo, SEO Specialist

Yesss! Irina was a mentor of mine back when I was deciding about a career change and she was incredible and supportive. She has a way of slowing you down, and focusing on the right things. I can highly recommend her!

Helene Jelenc, SEO and Content Strategist