How Can We Work Together?

There are different types of cooperation and services I have:

SEO Strategy

You have a new site and you need a strategy to drive traffic and sales from Google.

The SEO strategy is like a map from where we start to what we would like to achieve with the steps between these two points.

The strategy includes:
— Keyword research and clusterization
— Competitors’ analyze (content and offsite)
— Road map with the detailer plan to start with
— A 1-hour call to discuss the strategy.

I’ll prepare the strategy, we can discuss, either you will implement all things yourself, or you will need support with the execution.

Ongoing SEO Support

You understand that SEO is a valuable channel of traffic and clients for your business, but you do not have time (or desire) to work on it yourself

We will decide on the scope of the work we need to make monthly and will set up goals to achieve.

SEO Support may include:

— On-site optimization of new & exciting content,
— Content Strategy & implementation (with the help of in-house writers or freelancers),
— Off-site strategy and implementation,
— Risk Management & tech SEO monthly/quarterly assessment.

I will prepare a road map and plan, make an audit and will move with the implementation of things you need.

SEO Audit

You have a site, and it brings some traffic, but you would like to have more traffic and leads.

The SEO audit is like a health assessment of your website. We find out what is working well and what we can improve to have more traffic from Google.

The audit includes:
— on-site SEO (content, meta-tags, etc.),
— off-site SEO (links),
— tech SEO.

You will have a detailed report for each part of the audit, and an 1-hour call to discuss all things we found.

After the audit, we can discuss, either you will implement all things yourself, or you will need support.

Link Building & Risk Management

You have on-site and tech SEO in place, and you need help with the off-site strategy: how to start or continue with link building, how to build links, and do not be penalized by Google.

The package can include:

— Competitors’ analyze,
— link building strategy,
— link audit of the existing profile,
— digital PR strategy on how to build links and increase brand awareness.

There is also an option of to have a training for the team on how to build high-quality links, and on-going support.

Content Marketing & Blogs

You understand that you need to build authority and have more traffic from Google and not only focus on money keywords.

The package includes:

— keyword research,
— content strategy and content calendar,
— competitors’ analyze,
— guideline for your team of freelancers on how to create content.

You will have an actionable plan to start with, or we can also help with the execution of the strategy.