Hi. I am Irina

I am an SEO & Analytical Consultant helping companies to improve their data and organic visibility. Passioned about outdoor, travelling and cycling.

How Can We Work Together?

Depends on what you need we can discuss different types of collaborations.

GA4 Set up or Migrations

You need to adapt current GA4 or migrate to it from UA.

I help with GA4 setting, improving data collection and events setting through GTM. Correct analytical setting helps to collect more data to improve editorial calendars, achieve better user engagement and increase conversions.

GTM or GA4 Audits

You have a site and you would like improve the data collection, page speed or you relaunched the new website after the redesign.

The audits helps to have only events and conversions you need, improves page speed and helps you team to find the data they need faster.

Ongoing Analytical or SEO Support

You have a website and you need an analytical or an SEO consultancy for it.

About me

Work & Life Principals


I do not sell SEO and analytical projects if I do not believe it will help to get people results they are expecting.


It is important for me to be involved in project when I am working on SEO and analytics so we can achieve better results together.


What I like about online is that you can measure a lot of things and make a decisions based on data. So I always focus on metric I see but try to never forget about things we could not easily measure as brand strength.


Elena Petrunina, Founder of Eventiyoga

“More value and higher results: this is what our project gained by working with Irina. All tasks have been completed in time and with expertise. We’ve appreciated Irina’s competence, skills level and human approach to the job.”

Tina Alfheim, Artist & Founder of Make up Studio

“Irina has helped my Make Up Artist Business with many helpful tweaks, as well as to my website, blog and SEO. Irina also provided me with out-of-the-box public relations strategies. A warm recommendation from me.”

Megan Meade, Head of Marketing & Service Design

“Irina worked with us on GA4 migration moving 7 websites from UA. During this process, Irina showed a lot of in-depth knowledge about the new GA4 system, as well as GTM. I am looking forward to working with Irina again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”